The 東京 Interaction Center provides highly targeted services to entrepreneurs with a strong focus on creating and revealing value from connections.


Focused investor support:

  • Japanese dealflows scouting and screening

  • Japanese Business Plans screening

  • Technology positioning and recommendations

  • Sector and emerging technologies analysis

  • Opportunity presentation

For Investors:

For Companies and Entrepreneurs:


Customized professional coaching:

  • Access to a network of experts

  • Support in searching for funding in Japan and overseas

  • Cross-domain Fertilization



Support for the development of business innovation:

  • Identifying new business opportunities

  • Techno-economic feasibility studies

  • Setting up and carrying out innovation projects

  • Improving framework conditions


Support in developing new technologie ventures:

  • Assessment of technologies and projects

  • Access to a network of research institutes

  • Valorisation of promising technologies and ideas

  • Access to a network of industrial partners in Japan

  • Support in managing intellectual property In Japan


For Individuals

  • Cross-domain fertilization networking

  • Project validation by experts

  • Job opportunities in Japanese startups